Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wait, don't you already have a blog?

This is my new blog, the sister-site of Electric Sheep.
I was finding ES was getting quite cluttered with pages, what with APS and Exclusion both taking up quite a few. While Electric Sheep is dedicated to my programming exploits, this blog, as the name suggests, will be home to my ventures into writing and the creation of worlds through words rather than code. As such, Exclusion will soon be moved here and many of my past writings will also appear.

Be cautioned that many of them involve dark themes, swearing and often graphic and somewhat gratuitous violence. Sexual themes may also be touched upon, but rarely come up beyond casual conversation on the subject between characters. Stories will be marked accordingly in order for readers to avoid the themes they find distasteful.

As I have a habit of fully developing but never finishing my stories, I will include explanations and synopses for those that require them. However, many will be either expanded upon or rewritten when I feel like it, so if you particularly like a story be sure to check back occasionally.

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