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Feel free to browse through the current selection of stories, sorted alphabetically and marked with the occurring themes as explained below:

Just assume all of these have some bad language.

Many of my writings have at least some violence. Expect to see this mark throughout most of the index. Be wary of the reds.
[V]: Light violence. General actiony stuff, basically.
[V]: Heavy violence. More in-depth, perhaps a little graphic. Still general action though.
[V]: Graphic violence. Blood spurting, limbs flying. That sorta stuff. Not for the faint of heart.

Sexual Themes
Though I generally don't use sexual themes, I thought it wise to include this mark anyway.
[S]: Light sexuality. Alluded to. Nothing explicit at all.
[S]: Heavy sexuality. Lightly discussed or described. Perhaps a little explicit. Rare.
[S]: Explicit sexuality. Title says it all. Will likely never occur here, not my kind of thing.

Psychological Themes
Many of my writings deal heavily with mental illness or psychological questions. Be warned if you see a red, it's called Mindscrew for a reason.
[Psi]: Light psychology. Might make you think differently about stuff.
[Psi]: Heavy psychology. Will question some pretty deep things.
[Psi]: Mindscrew psychology. May tear out your soul and stamp on it. Not for the mentally unstable.

Fictional Worlds
Again, many of my writings deal with changed, fictional worlds too. If this mark is absent from a non-fanwork, assume it to be as real-life.
[FW]: Lightly fictional world. Mostly as real-life, but with a few changes.
[FW]: Moderately fictional world. Like real-life, but after a large change.
[FW]: Heavily fictional world. Massive differences. Might have once been real-life, but it's anyone's guess.

  • [V] [Psi] [FW] Aurora: A brief worldwide event caused by some nosy parallel-universe neighbours leaves no major changes, except for a small group of downtrodden souls who gain a range of strange and often tragic superpowers. Designed to be expanded by others, feel free to join in.
  • [FW] Darwinians: A concept brief exploring pseudo-vampirism as an instinctual side-effect of a man-made virus designed to drastically increase the human body's energy efficiency.
  • [Psi] [FW] Nellar: A young man awakes to find his life in a ruined, deserted city was just a dream sustained by an experimental machine.
  • [FW] Tem: A carefree Alchemist is assigned a young apprentice. Trouble ensues when they uncover a relic from an ancient global war.
  • [V] [Psi] [FW] Timeline: An alternate-history collab with my friend Gendrick. An exercise on how small events can cause massive changes. Also questions how military tension can bring brilliant technological advances and the justification of such. Currently spans about 700 years

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