Timeline started as a quick 'what if?' experiment between myself and Gendrick. He proposed the idea of a world where America and Russia were still involved in a Cold War. From there, the entire idea developed, a very complex alternate history which changes the political geography of the world drastically and advances technology through the efforts of the warring parties. Since then, Timeline has also grown 2 extra eras, one set about a hundred years in the future and based on a Firefly-inspired brief and the other developed by Gendrick set even further in the future.

The two main themes of Timeline are politics and systems of government and the advancement of technology through war. As such, the judicial application of near-future technologies brought forward to the present combined with the war has warped and shaped many of the countries.

Ha, and incredibly complex task. The detail we have built up over time is vast, including important figures and technologies, politics and cultures and the details of the Cold War leading up to its long-awaited conclusion.

As such, information will be added as I process it into something people other than Gendrick and I can understand.

Description of the Point of Divergence (where the alternate timeline starts).

Timeline of events from the Jan 1st 1900 (Point of Divergence)

Descriptions of technologies from the 3 Timeline eras (grouped by era)

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